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Rodney Cashe

In Memorium

Rodney Cashe, a prominent attorney and civic leader in Hammond, died on December 2, 2011. He was 63. He was a Founding Partner of the law firm. Rodney moved to Hammond in 1972 after graduating from LSU Law School. In his early career, Rodney practiced law with Henry Mentz and Leon Ford. Rodney earned his own prominent status in the local bar as past president of the Twenty-first Judicial District Bar Association, a founding member of the Twenty-first Judicial District Inns of Court, Twenty-first Judicial delegate to the Louisiana Bar Association and member of the Board of Directors of the Twenty-first Judicial District Indigent Defender Board.

Later in his career as a mediator, Rodney helped many individuals and companies settle their legal conflicts. Rodney also served the community as president of the Hammond Exchange Club and member of the Board of Directors for the Hammond Chamber of Commerce, Southeastern Louisiana University Development Foundation, the Hammond Downtown Development District, and the Hammond Tangipahoa Home Mortgage Authority. Rodney was a great mentor to our law firm and to members of the local bar. He always encouraged our firm to support our community through participation and support of many local charities and civic groups. Rodney is greatly missed.

Rodney is survived by four sons, all of whom live and work in our area. Rodney’s oldest son, Jeff Cashe, was elected Judge of the Family Law Division of the Twenty-First Judicial District Court in 2014.

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